Cello Maniax

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About us

It all started with an idea. Musical gift and dedication led to the dream of a band. The thought of creating an original project in the era of musical excess is quite a challenge, yet persistence in pursuing the goal turned out to be a lotery win.

The result is the sound of four cellos in an original repertoire, which stands out as a mix of styles and musical genres. The goal of creating a link between both classical and modern music has been reached. Unique character of the pieces we play is perfectly summed up by the name of our band – CelloManiax!

CelloManiax is made up of four cellists, each with his own special skills. Distinctive features which complement them define the band perfectly. It’s not an individual that matters but all the elements combined together. Marcin Kusek, Jakub Gajownik, Mateusz Mańka, Wojciech Skóra. Four individualists who through their charisma, experience and unique sound create contemporary  history of cello quartets on the international arena.

Creators and performers of the musical jingle for Polish Radio!


The idea we follow allows us to create a link between classical and popular music. It is perfectly defined by our watchword!

Classy entertainment!

Four cellos like you’ve never heard before!

Our style

The band’s repertoire consists of predominantly original compositions that combine the best elements of both popular and classical music.

Unconventional style which includes pop, rock, folk, jazz and swing is the trademark and distinguishing element of CelloManiax. Everything embellished with classic elegance and the unique sound of four cellos.

Our music is accessible and easy to perceive – as are our concerts, which are always conducted in a relaxed atmosphere and cheerful interaction with the audience. Easy-going atmosphere introduced by the jocular announcer meets the taste of every listener.

We represent casual elegance – a form not easy to combine, but not impossible!

The nature of some of the pieces invites audience members to clap and snap their fingers to the beat.

As we enjoy interacting with the audience, we also perform covers (in our own arrangements) of highly popular songs, mainly of the outstanding artist Sting: Fragile, Every Breath You Take, Englishman In New York, Every Little Thing She Does Is Magic.


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